What Our Clients Say


John H.

 "This team of trainers and scientists is one of the best I know. Gr8Physiques not only helped me transform my body, but they gave me enough knowledge and teachings that years later I'm still making improvements and strides physically. "


Colten F.

"No B.S. is the first thing I have to say about GR8PHYSIQUES. I was your average guy before I started my transformation. I went to the gym religiously, ate right(or so I thought), took my supplements, and never saw any change in the mirror. Ronnie & Josie constructed an effective program for the specific needs of my body and made adaptations based on how my body responded to different workouts and the food I ate which helped me put on muscle and lose fat in a healthy way. Working with them changed what I saw in the mirror, going from your “Average Joe” with a little extra around the middle to muscled and ripped NPC Men’s Physique competitor. Instead of the 60-90 day “quick fix”, they gave me the right mix for continuous and constant physical change. GR8PHYSIQUES transformed my body AND my life. GR8PHYSIQUES is the best personal investment I have made in myself. No Gimmicks! Eat Clean! Train Mean!"



 Josie and Ronnie have A LOT of experience, knowledge, certifications and degrees between the two of them which should immediately cue you in that they know what they are doing. They 100% live up to their credentials taking a healthy and well rounded approach to fitness. I used the Gr8physiques services for a WBFF competition prep. I won my division and went pro. Having an exercise science degree myself I was well aware that the practices they used were as healthy as a competition prep can be. That doesn't mean that it was easy and it also doesn't mean that it's for everyone. The great thing about them is that they also have great success with lifestyle clients and can help you decide if competing is right for you. One of the best things that Josie did for me is NOT prep me for a Pro show the following year as I was in no way mentally, physically, or monetarily ready. She had my best interest at heart and I will be forever grateful. You hear too many horror stories of competitors being pushing into competitions that they had no business pursing. That wont happen here. Your health will always be Gr8physiques number one priority.

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Mike C.


Outstanding support and attention to individual needs even though I am an Online client. Ronnie and Josie care about their clients and work with them to achieve maximum results, their ability to adjust to changing situations allow their clients to get the most out of their workouts. If you want to be at the top of your game, be constantly challenged, and achieve maximum results this is the place to do it! 

Jesse B.


Great coaches and great workouts! They are constantly updating and changing my workouts to meet the demands of my overseas travel. This is the best Online training service you could ask for! Gr8Physiques is well worth the investment.

Amit S.


Awesome folks! Always coming up with exciting workouts to keep you engaged!!!!